IMPORTANT: CILogon now supports OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0. See the CILogon OIDC page for more details.

The following OAuth 1.0 documentation is provided for compatibility with older clients.

The CILogon Service supports the MyProxy OAuth protocol for certificate delegation to web applications (portals). By integrating with the CILogon Service, these applications (grid portals, science gateways, etc.) can obtain certificates to access CI on the user's behalf. Users approve certificate issuance from CILogon to the portal via the OAuth protocol. See the MyProxy OAuth client documentation for general details and the portal configuration documentation for CILogon specific information.

The OAuth 1.0 endpoints are:

Questions? Please contact help@cilogon.org.

Demo portals

Try the demo portals running on our demonstration server. This lets you see what the basic installation should do and it lets you test the entire lifecycle of requesting a certificate and getting one.

Linking to cilogon.org

See https://cilogon.org/example for buttons and logos for linking your portal to the cilogon.org service.