CILogon: An Integrated Identity and Access Management Platform for Science

CILogon enables researchers to log on to cyberinfrastructure (CI). CILogon provides an integrated open source identity and access management platform for research collaborations, combining federated identity management (Shibboleth, InCommon) with collaborative organization management (COmanage). Federated identity management enables researchers to use their home organization identities to access research applications, rather than requiring yet another username and password to log on. Collaborative organization management enables research projects to define user groups for authorization to collaboration platforms (e.g., wikis, mailing lists, and domain applications). CILogon implements the AARC Blueprint Architecture.

CILogon supports over 3000 identity providers, including campus identity providers, GitHub, Google, and ORCID. Visit to view the full list of identity providers and to try logging on with your preferred provider. Visit to see an example of how CILogon can be integrated with a web application. CILogon is a research and scholarship service provider in the InCommon federation. CILogon is an open source project, with source code in GitHub.

Interested in using CILogon? Please contact for assistance. We'll help you connect your application(s) using OpenID Connect, SAML, X.509, and/or LDAP, and we'll help you manage attributes, groups, policies, and workflows for your collaboration using the CILogon platform. Our subscription model supports multiple service tiers to meet a variety of research collaboration needs. The CILogon platform has been supporting production research applications since 2010. Please see also our Frequently Asked Questions.

CI that supports access via CILogon includes: Ask.CI, ATLAS Connect,, Chem Compute, CMS Connect, DataCite, DataONE, DOE KBase, Duke CI Connect, Einstein Toolkit, Globus, HubICL, Indiana University Cyberinfrastructure Gateway, LIGO, LS-CAT, NEON, Ocean Observatories Initiative, Open Science Chain, OSC OnDemand, OSG Connect, Pacific Research Platform, SciGaP, SeedMe, SWAMP, and XSEDE.

To cite CILogon in publications, please use:

Jim Basney, Heather Flanagan, Terry Fleury, Jeff Gaynor, Scott Koranda, and Benn Oshrin. CILogon: Enabling Federated Identity and Access Management for Scientific Collaborations. In Proceedings of the International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC), PoS(ISGC2019)031, 2019.

For our original paper, please see:

Jim Basney, Terry Fleury, and Jeff Gaynor, "CILogon: A Federated X.509 Certification Authority for CyberInfrastructure Logon," Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, Volume 26, Issue 13, pages 2225-2239, September 2014.