CILogon Operations

The CILogon project provides the open source, standards-based CILogon service at, providing the research community with credentials for secure access to cyberinfrastructure (CI).


  • September 2009: Project Start

  • April 2010: Prototype Service Deployed

  • September 2010: Operational Service Deployed

  • 2011: OAuth support added

  • 2016: OIDC support added. CILogon 2.0 project launch.

  • 2017: COmanage support added.

  • 2019: CILogon 2.0 project end. All functionality transitioned to new subscription funding model.

  • 2020: Grouper and SATOSA support added for CILogon subscribers.

  • 2021: SciTokens support added for CILogon subscribers.

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