Setting up a Drupal site for your academic research collaboration? CILogon can enable federated access to your site using academic identity providers from InCommon and eduGAIN.

We recommend using Drupal's CILogon Auth module, developed by our colleagues at SDSC. See the module documentation for details.

Alternatively, CILogon's OIDC interface has also been tested successfully with the Drupal OpenID Connect module, using the following configuration steps:

  • Register your site at https://cilogon.org/oauth2/register to obtain your client_id and client_secret.

    • Client Name: The name of your Drupal site.

    • Contact email: Contact address of your site administrator.

    • Callback URLs: Use https://example.com/openid-connect/generic as the callback URL (where example.com is your site's base path). Your callback URL must use HTTPS.

    • Scopes: openid, email, and profile

  • Install the Drupal OpenID Connect module on your site, then configure it (at https://example.com/admin/config/services/openid-connect) for the "Generic" provider:

    • Client ID: The client_id provided by CILogon at registration time.

    • Client secret: The client_secret provided by CILogon at registration time.

    • Authorization endpoint: https://cilogon.org/authorize

    • Token endpoint: https://cilogon.org/oauth2/token

    • UserInfo endpoint: https://cilogon.org/oauth2/userinfo

Any questions? Contact help@cilogon.org.